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Monthly price chart and freely downloadable data for Crude Oil (petroleum).Monthly Commodity Futures Price Chart Light Crude Oil (Pit) (NYMEX) TFC Commodity Charts.The New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). the WTI crude oil contract was.Introduction Brent Crude Oil is a major trading type of sweet light crude oil that serves as a major benchmark price for purchases of oil around the world.West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures in New York fell more than 3% to as.The combination of these two events resulted in crude oil prices more than doubling from.

Have the confidence to make faster and more informed key investment decisions by referring to crude oil price.Crude oil articles about prices, latest news, and technical analysis for Brent and WTI.Full historical Crude Oil prices and Crude Oil price history chart on InvestmentMine.

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Brent Crude oil is a major benchmark price for purchases of oil worldwide.

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History of Crude Oil Prices at The New York Mercantile Exchange.Crude Oil Price History Event (F), 1920: The widespread adoption of the automobile drastically raises oil consumption before one of the worst events in world history.

NYMEX Crude Oil Front Month: CL.1:NYM: New York Mercantile Exchange:.

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NYMEX light sweet crude oil futures prices are quoted in dollars and.

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Oil price and OPEC history pages, forecasts of crude oil prices,.

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ICE CRUDE OIL market, involves daily prices set by crude oil resellers and. recent history.Welcome to browse the page of Brent Crude History Price which shows the current Brent crude oil price.

Purchase End of Day Historical Data for this symbol from Jan 02, 1990 Purchase Intraday Historical Data for this symbol from Jan 01, 2009.Detailed history of West Texas Intermediate Oil and WTI Futures. (NYMEX) introduced WTI. where it is used as a benchmark to represent the price of a crude oil.

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IEA Medvedev Moammar Gadhafi NDRC NYMEX Oil Prices OPEC Petrobras PetroChina Philippines.

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As a result Arab exporting nations imposed an embargo on the nations supporting Israel, still known as the Arab Oil Embargo here in the United States.

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Download stock quote history quickly and easily in a variety of formats to suit your needs.Average of January to December NYMEX Crude Oil Contract prices for the noted year p. 5 NYMEX Crude Oil price of each contract month as they settled on the Current.

Where can I find historical daily spot prices of. data on crude oil spot bid, ask prices and.

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Get historical WTI crude oil prices in Excel. Download Spreadsheet to Automatically Import WTI Oil Price History to Excel. 4 thoughts on.Other crude oil brands are traded at a discount or at a premium to.

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A key crude oil pipeline at the. crude to ChinaOil at a premium of 20. basket of crude oils reflected in its Dubai and Oman crude oil benchmarks. The price.

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Qatar, Indonesia, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Alageria and Nigeria.Oil Prices: Actual and Inflation adjusted Annual Average Crude Oil Prices. 1946. The first table shows the Annual Average Crude Oil Price from 1946 to the.Prices froze at this level until January 1, 1977, except stripper (uncontrolled).

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