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The impression of price stability, created by three forces: Opec, hedge funds and shale oil producers in the US, now appears misleading and augers further.Investors have piled in on expectations that a sharp drop in drilling activity, an anticipated decline in U.S. crude.Oil prices are rising because OPEC agreed to reduce supply on November 30, 2016.

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Oil prices firmed on Tuesday but stayed in a tight range, with investors seeking a clearer direction from inventory data and comments from oil officials as.With So Much Oil Flowing, U.S. May Be Reaching Storage Limits.Low Oil Prices Could Stall Explosive Growth In Montana Boom Town.

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Rising Oil Prices Oil company executives testified about the relationship between the price of crude oil and the consumer price of gasoline.At the same time, with fracking the U.S. is now rivaling Saudi Arabia as an oil superpower.Get the latest price Crude Oil WTI (NYMEX) as well as the lastest prices for other major commodities at NASDAQ.com.

Rising oil prices are the number one risk the industry faces, warned Tony Tyler, director general of the International Air Transport Association.

As gasoline prices continue to set new records, David Sandalow recently testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the national security.

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He says in the longer term, electric cars and those other technologies could mean less demand for oil.

Oil prices might be rising which could cause higher gasoline prices at the pump for consumers.

Oil prices firm, stay in tight range as stocks data awaited

Rising Gasoline Prices 2012 Congressional Research Service 3 illustrated in Figure 1, gasoline prices generally track the price of crude oil.

Shorter term, the global economy has slowed and that means less thirst for oil right now.

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NEW DELHI: A rally in crude oil prices has lent a helping hand to equities across the world as well as to the domestic market, said experts. Crude oil.Encana (ECA) has been reacting positively to the rising crude oil prices since the OPEC production cut agreement.The price of crude oil has plummeted, but the pump price of gas did not fall as far.

U.K. Parliament Attacker Leaves 3 Dead, Including Police Officer.In fact, the decline in the price of oil and the rise of ISIS correlate strongly. Follow FORTUNE. Share. Share on Facebook.

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This week, Ivan Lo shares the real reason why oil prices are rising.